If you suspect that your home, office, computer or network has been infected with a virus, your best move is to call the professionals at 1-800-Geeks.Online. Many new viruses are especially malicious pieces of code and can damage your computer even further if you try to remove them incorrectly. With the help of 1-800-Geeks.Online, you can get speedy and affordable computer service to remove any viruses and spyware from your computer.

Once, viruses were just mean bits of code that would crash your computer. However, with the advent of e-commerce, identity thieves have found even more destructive ways to damage your computer. These viruses allow your computer to keep running, but mine your machine for personal data and send it back to the writer of the code.

Spyware Removal

As the threat of spyware looms over homes and businesses, people are taking various precautions to fight spyware before it has a chance to wreak havoc on one’s computer. These include never downloading files from unknown websites, never downloading attachments from email senders you don’t trust, and never downloading pirated software, music, or videos. However, these precautions are often not enough to ensure safety from spyware.
Many people download anti-spyware programs, which are often fairly reliable. However, even these programs can be fooled, and sometimes spyware finds its way on to your computer. The surefire way to ensure that your computer has not been infected with spyware is to have a professional scan your drive for signs of infection.

At 1-800-Geeks.Online, we can remotely access your computer and purge it of all viruses and software. Just connect to us via a secure 256 bit connection, and one of our expert techs will scour your machine for any viruses and then safely remove any they find. We’ll even show you how to update your computer so that you have the most cutting-edge virus protection available.

Panda Security Trials

Our remote virus removal service is worlds cheaper than sending your computer to a repair service–and faster, too. Many times we can access your machine and clear it of all viruses and spyware in less than an hour!


Most people assume that companies like Geeks.Online thrive on cleaning up spyware and virus activity. And yes, it’s true that many of the calls we receive, especially from new clients, are for cleaning up annoying popups, browser hijackers, and corrupted systems that have been infected by virus and spyware.

It is not our favorite work!

But the fact is that we would much rather spend our time working on higher uses of technology than cleaning out the digital mess in your computer. While our computer virus removal service is top notch, we would prefer to help with media center services and protecting your data and generally helping you get more out of life through your cool digital toys.

All computers corrupt eventually

The truth of the problem is that, sooner or later, all computer operating systems corrupt, with or without virus or spyware activity. New software competes with older software, and every time something additional is installed on your computer, whether it be a new printer, a new program, or even just a Windows Update, you have the potential to throw your computer into chaos.

Since it is inevitable that your computer will crash, what can you do about it?

Wouldn’t it be great if anytime you had a virus on your machine or anytime it crashed, that you could restore it to perfection without having to call a company like us? Wouldn’t it be great if you could wipe out the problem and be up and running in minutes?

Since it is inevitable that all computers will crash, or become corrupted, the best way to keep yourself virus and spyware free is to have a recovery program ready to go that can restore your computer in minutes rather than hours. We can set it up for you.

Virus and Spyware

Imagine pushing a few clicks and blasting away all your virus activity without needing an onsite tech visit! Yes, it’s possible!

We are not just a computer virus cleanup company, we are your digital helper and just as we work with small businesses to ensure that they stay up and running at all times we can provide you the same easy rapid recovery program for you in your home. Why should business customers only enjoy the fast and easy virus removal program that has them up in minutes when you can enjoy it too?

Let our computer virus removal service fix the issue but then let’s make you stay spyware and virus free