the new bing in edge

If you’ve ever wished you could have a conversation with your search engine, you’re in luck. Microsoft has recently launched the new Bing, an AI-enhanced web search experience that lets you chat with a friendly and helpful bot.

The new Bing is powered by a next-generation model from OpenAI that is more powerful than ChatGPT, the previous model that Microsoft used for its chatbot experiments. The new model can understand natural language better, generate more coherent and relevant responses, and handle complex tasks such as summarizing web pages, generating creative content, and providing suggestions.

The new Bing is not just a chatbot, though. It’s also a web search engine that can help you find what you’re looking for faster and easier. You can use it to ask questions, get answers, explore topics, discover facts, learn new things, and have fun.

Here are some of the features that make the new Bing different from other web search engines:

Chat mode: You can start a chat session with the new Bing by clicking on the Bing icon on the bottom of the app or by typing “chat” in the search box. You can then type or speak your message to the bot and get a reply within seconds. You can also switch back to normal web search mode at any time by typing “search” or clicking on another icon.

Summary mode: You can ask the new Bing to summarize any web page for you by typing “summary” followed by a URL or a query. The bot will then give you a brief overview of the main points and information on the page. This can help you save time and avoid clicking on irrelevant links.

Creative mode: You can ask the new Bing to generate creative content for you by typing “create” followed by a genre and a topic. For example, you can type “create poem about love” or “create joke about cats”. The bot will then use its AI skills to produce original and entertaining content for you.

Suggestions mode: You can ask the new Bing to give you suggestions for anything by typing “suggest” followed by a category or a query. For example, you can type “suggest movies to watch” or “suggest places to visit in Paris”. The bot will then give you some options based on your preferences and interests.

The new Bing is currently available for everyone who downloads the new Bing mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. It is also exclusive to Microsoft Edge browser users , who can access it through a sidebar feature. The new Bing is still in preview phase , which means that it is still learning and improving every day. Users are encouraged to sign up for testing and provide feedback to help shape its future development.

Microsoft has also shared its approach to responsible AI development, which outlines how it ensures that the new Bing respects user privacy, security, fairness, inclusivity, reliability, transparency