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Refresh Your Computer For The New Year

Cleaning and organizing is on almost everyone’s (already forgotten) New Year’s Resolution list. One place that is not thought about though, is the computer. Starting with a fresh computer will not only speed up the way it works, but the way you work as well. Here are a few thing you can do to help […] is now

You can count on the same fanatical support with a new fresh look. Be on the look out for emails from our new address [email protected]   Sometimes you have to take a good hard look at who you really are and what you do. While perhaps this announcement is not as exciting at the one […]

Recovering Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome for Mac

Reading the title you are thinking to yourself, who deletes bookmarks accidentally? It happens more than you think, unfortunately. If you use a Mac and have found that you deleted bookmarks on the Chrome browser unintentionally, then this article will help you out. Deleting of bookmarks happens most of the time when a person is […]

How To Fix Windows 10 80240020 Installation Error

The Windows 10 update is rolling out now, but some users are reporting an 80240020 error which is preventing the installation for proceeding. Here’s how to fix it. The Windows 10 upgrade has started rolling out and already some users are reporting problems with installing the update. An 80240020 error has cropped up, meaning that […]

Critical Windows Vulnerability

Microsoft just released a critical patch for a huge server vulnerability—one that affects quite a few current versions of Windows out there.   As of now, Microsoft isn’t aware of anyone actually taking advantage of this vulnerability, which allows “a remote code execution vulnerability… due to the improper processing of specially crafted packets.” In other […]