Computer Trash

Cleaning and organizing is on almost everyone’s (already forgotten) New Year’s Resolution list. One place that is not thought about though, is the computer. Starting with a fresh computer will not only speed up the way it works, but the way you work as well. Here are a few thing you can do to help your computer face the new year.

Clear the clutter

Take a moment to remove the clutter on your desktop. Saving things to the desktop is everyone’s go-to, but it can become cluttered. You can do this by deleting shortcuts for the programs you do not use regularly. Put pictures in a separate folder and delete or move any documents you no longer need.

Remove the bloat

After you have done that, then you will want to uninstall any unnecessary applications. If you have no idea what it is or does google it. Most computers have many programs you no longer use or need. They slow your boot and drag your performance down.

Back it up, Seriously

There is never a better time to back up your data then now! You will want to do this more than once a year but a great time to do it is New Year’s Eve when you are restarting everything. We, at Geeks.Online offer several outstanding data recovery services, that we hope you will never need. There are several options like external hard drives, and secure online backup.

Check for bugs

Make sure you have a good anti-virus program on your computer and keep it current. There are a ton of great antivirus programs available and many of them free. One option is with Panda Antivirus

Slay the dust bunnies

Finally, after you have cleaned up your computer’s insides, give it a makeover. Take a can of compressed air and blow out the keyboard and crevices and most important, the fans. When those fans get choked with dust your computer can overheat.

Starting with a fresh computer is a sure way to extend its life and performance. If you’re an adopt-a-geek customer rest easy knowing we take care of this for you. If not were always happy to help with any questions you may have. Call us today.