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iOS 17.1.2: Apple Suddenly Releases Urgent Update For All iPhone Users

Apple recently released iOS 17.1.2 and iPadOS 17.1.2 with important security updates. The update addresses vulnerabilities in the WebKit engine, a component responsible for processing web content. These vulnerabilities could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information and arbitrary code execution. Apple is aware of reports that these issues may have been exploited in earlier […]

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Staying Secure in the Face of the WebP Zero-Day Vulnerability

In recent news, a concerning zero-day vulnerability known as the ‘WebP 0-day’ has been making headlines, affecting a wide range of devices. Originally reported by Google, this vulnerability has the potential to disrupt the security of countless web users. In this blog post, we’ll explore the implications of the WebP zero-day vulnerability and how Geeks.Online […]

Recently a competitor of ours went out of business. It seems on the way out they started selling lifetime and multiple year memberships for several hundred dollars. They are no longer honoring those contracts.   We have bought the domain from their owner and intend to transition to it. We are not affiliated […] is now

You can count on the same fanatical support with a new fresh look. Be on the look out for emails from our new address [email protected]   Sometimes you have to take a good hard look at who you really are and what you do. While perhaps this announcement is not as exciting at the one […]