Ever attempt to boot up your computer, only to end up with the blue screen of death and a sinking feeling in your stomach? Unfortunately, damaged hard drives and corrupted files are part of life in the age of technology. If you’re in need of data recover services, we can help.

At Geeks on Time, we understand that your computer is your life. Whether you’re concerned that your USB drive has destroyed your thesis, or are wondering if you’ll ever see your family photos again, our data recovery specialists can help. We’ll work with you to assess the situation, then do our best to restore or recover your data. No matter the severity of your problem, our friendly, professional staff can happily give you an estimate on what it’ll cost to recover your missing files and insome cases data recover could be covered by insurance.

Remote Option

Is your computer is working and can access the internet? We can remotely access it. This will allow us to assist you with recovering accidentally deleted files and corrupted secondary drives (USB drives, thumb drives, portable hard drives, and more). We may need you to be on the phone with us while we attempt the data recovery process.
Cost $25 and up


Onsite Option

If your computer is not working but the hard drive inside physically functions, we can send a technician to your home or office. The technician will remove your hard drive from your nonfunctional computer and attach it to a working computer, then attempt the process of accessing your files and recovering your data.
Cost $119 and up


Laboratory Option

If your hard drive has been physically damaged and will no longer function, we can send it to our partner, DriveSavers. They will open the drive in a clean room and attempt to recover your data. This is the most expensive option, as it requires the most specialized level of service and technology. Free estimates are available for this service.

Cost $700-$2,100 Based on Success (with a high success rate, expect the higher rate)


For the best chance of successful data recovery, it’s crucial that you call a professional as soon as you notice that your computer has a problem or that your secondary or flash drive is no longer working properly. Especially in the case of damage caused by computer viruses, computer problems can become worse over time and become more difficult (and more expensive) to repair. As soon as you lose access to your drive or files, call GeeksOnTime for a free consultation. We’ll help you regain access to your files as quickly as possible, so that life can get back to normal.