There is a known issue with Google Chrome 78 that causes the browser to be unusable. You will not be able to access the settings or any webpage.

According to google “There is a known incompatibility between Chrome Renderer Integrity and old versions of Symantec® Endpoint Protection® (14.0.3929.1200 and earlier). We recommend updating to the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (14.2 or later). For a download of the latest version or more details, refer to the Symantec documentation. To help with any incompatibilities, you can temporarily disable Chrome Renderer Integrity using the RendererCodeIntegrityEnabled policy.”

Workaround 1: Load google chrome in Windows 8 compatibility mode

  1. copy google chrome icon to the desktop
  2. right click on it then choose properties
  3. go to the compatibility tab
  4. choose windows 8

Workaround 2: Disable Chrome Renderer Integrity

Chrome Renderer Integrity is on by default for users on Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 1511 and later. It prevents unsigned modules from loading in Chrome Browser’s renderer processes that deal with user content to prevent certain types of malicious attacks.

Disable Chrome Renderer Integrity Via GPO


For Symantec® Endpoint Protection users: Upgrade to version 12.2 or later

For PC Matic / PC Pitstop Customers: I have created a patch that can be downloaded here