Winget, the Microsoft Windows Package Manager, streamlines software installation on Windows machines. However, users might encounter an issue where the required geographic region data is missing during the installation process. This article guides you through understanding why this occurs and provides a solution to fix the problem.

Related error messages

  • Data required by the source is missing
  • the source requires the current machine’s 2-letter geographic region

The Issue

When attempting to install a package using Winget, users may encounter an error indicating that the required data for the source is missing. This issue is often related to the absence of the current machine’s two-letter geographic region code.

Winget uses geographic region data to tailor the installation process based on the user’s location. This customization ensures that users receive the correct versions, configurations, and language settings for their region.

The Fix

From an administrative command prompt run:

Add-AppPackage -path ""

This command fetches the missing geographic region data from the specified source and integrates it into the installation process, enabling Winget to proceed without encountering errors related to missing data.